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What Makes Chick Tick?

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Jazz Legend Chick Corea’s Never Ending Musical Journey

By Tom Alexander

Solo Explorations. Another one of Corea's musical journeys.

Solo Piano. Another one of Corea's musical explorations.

FORT LAUDERDALE (Special to TSD After Dark) I saw Chick Corea again for about the thirtieth time in my life I guess. Its probably more than thirty times. I’ll be honest, I lost count about five years ago. I have seen him in nearly every possible context – duos, trios, quartets, quintets, sextets, septets, and with an orchestra in Purchase, New York playing the American debut of his first piano concerto way back in 1986. I was lucky that day, as I took my dad with me. It was the only time he ever got to hear Chick. He passed away later that year. The special moment of having my two heroes in life meet face to face was one of the great memories of my life.

Acoustic. Electric. Classical. Fusion. (more…)

Crazed Assassin With Very Low Self Esteem Targets Vice President With Dull, Plastic Butter Knife

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Nutjob's How-to Book. Once again, "Catcher in the Rye" surfaces in assassination attempt.

Nutjob's How-to Book. Once again, "Catcher in the Rye" surfaces in assassination attempt.

WASHINGTON DC (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) Chadwick Martin Hayes, a crazed assassin with three names in a long line of crazed assassins with three names, appeared confused in a special holding area after he attempted to injure Vice President Joe Biden late yesterday afternoon as he was getting to a limo after enjoying lunch and watching football with friends.

“He had what appeared to be a dull, plastic butter knife with some sort of spreadable cheese on it,” said FBI agent Conrad Bittner. “To be honest, the Vice President was really never in any danger. In fact, he laughed and made a joke about plastic utensils. It was quite funny. I’d share it with you all, but the joke is classified.” (more…)