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South Florida Braces for Historic, Plentiful Sunshine

Monday, January 26th, 2015

Unrelenting Tranquility. South Floridans are prepared.

MIAMI (Special to TSD AfterDark) While cities like New York, Boston, and Philadelphia are gearing up for what is being called the latest “Storm of the Century” in some circles, South Floridians are going about things business as usual. Most are trying not to notice the abundant, glorious, sunshine that is brightening their lives, with a remarkable, uninterrupted string of tranquil, tropical, days and cool, pleasant evenings.

“I’m prepared,” said Parker Lavoy, of South Beach. “I’ve got my Pina Colada mix, some steaks for the grill, and some new pool toys. Granted, the day in, day out, perfect climate set against the backdrop of soothing, steel pan music can become a bit mundane, but we’ll soldier on I suppose. We’ve done it before. This is our home, and we’re not moving.”