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I Know. I Know. I Have to See It.


Jim Beam me Scotty. It's the weekend.

Jim Beam me Scotty. It's the weekend.



BOCA RATON, FL (Special to TSD After Dark) No, I haven’t seen it. Yes, it’s my job to. Kind of. I’m mean, I don’t fancy myself a film critic, even though I guess I’m qualified as anyone considering I grew up in my dad’s movie theatre and majored in Radio, Television, and Film in college. I’ve been asked several times already.  ”Have you seen the new Star Trek?” “Are you going to see it this weekend?”  I’d like to.  But my dance card is pretty full considering I’m traveling half way around the world in a few days. 

But growing up I was a huge devotee to the original Star Trek series. I’m sorry, Star Trek: The Original Series - as the Trekkies call it.  I’m not a Treekie per se. I just liked the show.  First season, preferably. 

I hear this one’s the best of all the Star Trek movies.  Its hard to believe thirty years have warped by since the first one came out.  You remember the first one, right?  Nice idea, but ill conceived.  Is that a contradiction in terms?

Anyway, a few no name actors (at least to me) which is nice for a change. OK, Chris Pine (Kirk) and Zachary Quinto (Spock) have soared to the number 1 and 3 positions respectively on IMDb’s STARmeter. Not sure how long that’ll last.  

I am currently ranked 1,412,848 on the STARmeter. And I’m sure how long that’ll last. 

I’ll try to find two hours this weekend to go where no man has gone before…except for the 21,000,000 people who saw the film before me.

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