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The Same Palm Tree? Yes. Gerofinikas of Athens

Eat Well. And you do at Gerofinikas.

Eat Well. And you do at Gerofinikas.

In the heart of Athens’ stylish Kolonaki district sits Gerofinikas. The restaurant was established in 1957 and has served generations of patrons with top flight Greek and Mediterranean delights. What it special about the place is it was built “around” a lone palm tree that is still there. It is the focal point of the dining room.  It was there on my first trip as a kid, and it’s still there today.

I’m in Greece right now. And I’m going to Gerofinikas again for their magnificent seafood dishes.  But I’ll really have to open my wallet and let the Euros spill out because cheap it ain’t. But it’s a must on any trip to Athens.

Full review when I return.

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