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Whiney 85 Year Old Woman Gets “Greatest Generation” Membership Card Revoked; Brokaw Pissed


Strip Her. That's what WW2 Vet Carl Zapski says.

Strip Her. That's what WW2 Vet Carl Zapski says.



TAMARAC, FL (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) Rosemarie Larusso, an 85 year old widow who resides in Royal Point, a South Florida retirement community, was stripped of her “Greatest Generation” membership card on Wednesday for what neighbors call “incessant whining and behavior unbecoming a GG member.”

“We’re really not sure what happened to her,” said Al Kaplan, 87, a World War Two veteran. “She went through all the basic hardships we did – the depression, war rations, the Cold War, coming to grips with and eventually accepting the counter-culture movement – yet she somehow feels entitled to things and looks to place blame on others for everything that hasn’t gone her way, which for the record, isn’t much.” 

Larusso’s husband Angelo died in 1991.  A veteran of the U.S. Navy, Larusso met all criteria for Greatest Generation membership, but in letters to his sister Connie Rinelli expressed doubts about his wife. 

“Ang used to write me all the time,” said Connie, 82 of Tenafly, New Jersey. “He got a job in a factory in Pittsburgh and eventually started his own business there. But in his letters to me, he said Rosemarie was flashing around her jewelry and screaming about trips to California and the Caribbean almost constantly.  Ang tried to oblige, but it was draining their life savings. I think the stress of her unceasing demands eventually killed him.” 

The Greatest Generation, a term coined by newsman Tom Brokaw in his book of the same name, is attributed to that group of selfless Americans born in the 1910’s and 1920’s who served in World War Two and later battled communism to later enjoy perhaps the nation’s most prosperous era in the late fifties and early sixties.

“They really were the greatest generation in my opinion,” said Brokaw. “But Mrs. Larusso seems like a genuine pain in the ass. It’s right that her card be revoked. It’s unfair to the others to have her strut around with full membership when she’s acting like a total cunt. And let me add parenthetically, I don’t use that word often, and certainly not in mixed company.”  

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