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Man Told All His Life “You Don’t Have to Reinvent the Wheel” Reinvents Wheel

The Wheel Deal. Chester Slavish at work on something.

The Wheel Deal. Chester Slavish at work on something.

NOXEN, PA (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) Chester Slavish, an auto mechanic and part time musician has always been told by his father and grandfather that life is an endless abyss of pain and suffering, but if handled properly, could be “half decent.”

“I told him all the time ‘you don’t have to reinvent the wheel’ but he went out and reinvented the darn-blang thing,” said Robert “Bob” Slavish, 67. “You just don’t see that every day.”

The younger Slavish, 42, plays bass in an area country-rock band called Mountain Custard Genitals, but his heart is in everything automotive.

“All I know is cars – even though I don’t drive,” said Slavish. “One day I was looking at the wheel and thought that is was a pretty good invention overall. But anything that’s good can really be great, so I reinvented it.”

Some of the world’s top engineers claim the new wheel is rounder and more efficient,  but will take several months, perhaps years to perfect and be made available to consumers.

“Search me,” said wheel expert Dr. Helmut Bout of the Munich Circumference Institute. “I’m stunned at the design. You’d think someone would have come up with this sooner, but somehow fate chose an uneducated, inbred, dolt to figure it out. Fortunately, we can pick it up from here. Now he can go back to playing in his band.

Mountain Custard Genitals will release their second recording, I’m Related to Myself, in March.

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