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Remembering Dudley Moore

It happens to nearly everyone at one time or another. Someone says you remind them of someone else. Perhaps it’s someone famous. In my case, as far back as high school I heard from several people how I reminded them of Dudley Moore. I bring this up because Moore passed away ten years ago today. 

I recall the similarities I was supposed to share with Sir Duds.

  1. We’re both short. (Check)
  2. We’re both funny. (The jury’s still out on me)
  3. We both play jazz piano. (True, though he’s better)
  4. We both dated women taller than us. (True. Before I got married that is)

Moore was a fairly well kept secret stateside during the 1960’s, but a national treasure in Great Britain, either with the comedy quartet Beyond the Fringe, along with his comedy partner, Peter Cook, or heading up his jazz trio. It really wasn’t until he teamed with Bo Derek in 1978’s “10” that Moore became a household name in America. From there he went on to earn an Oscar nomination for his performance in “Arthur.”

Lovingly referred to as the Cuddly Dudley or The Sex Thimble, perhaps it was his musical skills that attracted the ladies. Here he is performing with his jazz trio.

YouTube Preview Image


Sadly, Moore suffered four minor strokes and ultimately battled progressive supranuclear palsy, a degenerative brain disorder. His exit from this world was too soon – just 66 years old. But we prefer to remember the lovable Dudley and the truly gifted musician who had more laughs to illicit and more music to play.




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