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Upper Middle Class Woman Leaves 41 Year Old Husband in BMW With Windows Up

House of Horrors. For one man, the overwhelming style and sophistication could not block out the terror.

SUNRISE, FL (Special to TSD AfterDark) Laurie Davidson, the 37 year old stay at home mother of two, decided to go shopping on Tuesday afternoon. She asked her husband Cameron to come along since she expected to be purchasing a few heavy items.

Cameron initially balked at the idea, as he was hoping to catch up on some unfinished business from his home office.  However, Laurie’s persistent pleas and promise of an afternoon romp in the hay won him over. 

When Laurie arrived at the Sawgrass Mall, she made a brisk beeline for Bed, Bath and Beyond. Cameron, who was playing online poker on his smartphone was left to fend for himself in the 2014 BMW X1 with anti-theft protection, dual zone climate controlled ventilation system with micro filter and automatic recirculation, and a fully equipped voice activation system for phone.

Two senior age patrons spotted Cameron seconds after he discovered he’d been abandoned in the vehicle.  He began pounding furiously on the windows, screaming for his wife. The confused patrons, Larry and Mildred Mortimer, were unable to comfort let alone free the frightened man. Mall security was called and Laurie was found. She quickly unlocked the car and got into the extremely comfortable, air conditioned cabin, and turned on some Steely Dan. Police arrived minutes later. After assisting Laurie with the heavy packages, one of the officers told reporters he likes Steely Dan.

“It was a dicey situation.” said Officer Tony Booth. “Sure, this was a pristine, picture perfect, South Florida January day with low humidity and 77 degrees, but still, you never know. You just never know.”

It is still unclear if Cameron and Laurie actually had the sex that was prearranged.

Charges are pending.


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