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Sid the Kid

Sid the Kid



BOCA RATON, FL (Special to TSD) In life you just know when somebody’s got it.  I met Sid Rosenberg in 1996 and I knew he had something. In those early days we worked together I wasn’t sure what that “something” was. Most likely, and he’d tell you this, it was something the police were looking for. 

But he developed his style and put his natural talents to work for him. And he rode the wave to the top of the radio world. Then, stuff happened. 

But sometimes when stuff happens a book deal happens.  Now Sid and his buddy from WFAN in New York, Joe Benigno are telling all, so to speak. 

Just got this press release.



Longtime Imus In The Morning contributor to co-author “You’re Wrong And You’re Ugly,” while WFAN Midday host to co- pen “Rules For New York Sports Fans”

(May 20, 2009) – Maxx Sports and Entertainment today announced that two clients, longtime New York and Miami radio host Sid Rosenberg and current WFAN midday host Joe Benigno, have signed book deals with Triumph books.  Rosenberg’s book “You’re Wrong And You’re Ugly” with New York Post writer Paul Schwartz, will chronicle the radio host’s colorful career,  while Benigno’s “Rules For New York Sports Fans,” co-written with Jordan Raanan, will be a humorous guide through the do’s and dont’s of what fan loyalty in New York is  all about. 

“We are very pleased to have Sid and Joe, two very different personalities with loyal followings, work with Triumph books on these two projects,” said MAXX president and CEO Mark Lepselter.  “The best book projects are those that have unique subjects with something to say, and there are few who have more to say than Sid and Joe.”

“You’re Wrong And You’re Ugly,” with a forward by radio host Don Imus, will chronicle some of Rosenberg’s best interviews during his career, including pieces with   Lawrence Taylor, Jerry Seinfeld, Howard Stern, Jim Nantz, and Tiki Barber and will also talk frankly about many of Rosenberg’s controversial on and off air issues and how he has dealt with them over the years.  It will give fans an unadulterated inside look at the Brooklyn native and his career and the personalities he has encountered along the way.

“Rules For New York Sports Fans” will give New York sports followers a detailed and humorous look at what every fan should, and shouldn’t do when supporting their favorite teams and athletes.  Benigno will take a fun look at how fanaticism can affect dating relationships, the workplace and other social situations and will provide his own unique advice as to how to deal with each issue.

Both books are scheduled to be released in the spring of 2010.  


I”m sure Sid will join us — in fact, he won’t leave us alone when the book hits the shelves. 

Good luck Sid.  I hope the one sentence you devote to me is kind – or at least a lie that makes me sound interesting. 

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