SIM SERIES GAME 5: Yanks Knock Off Tigers 6-0; Cobb Visits Sick Kid in Hospital and Punches Him in the Nose


Bed Check. Ty Cobb flattened little Billy Windsor's nose after going 0-4.

Bed Check. Ty Cobb flattened little Billy Windsor's nose after going 0-4.



DETROIT (Special to Sportsman’s Daily and What If Sports)  The 1932 New York Yankees led by Babe Ruth are one game away from winning the Sim Series after blanking the Ty Cobb-led 1909 Detroit Tigers 6-0.  Lou Gehrig led the way with two solo homers. His first followed a Ruth three-run jack as the Yanks plated five runs in the first inning. Gehrig’s second homer came in the seventh inning. Joe Sewell, Billy Dickey, and Tony Lazzeri all chipped in with two hits apiece. Red Ruffing tossed a complete game four hit shutout for the Bombers. 


Cobb went hitless for the first time in the series.  He did however continue his blistering attack on Ruth via tweets such as “Hey Lardass, you really are a Greek God. His name is Syphilis. LOL”


Cobb later went to the hospital to visit a sickly child; something Ruth is well known for. The child, nine year old Billy Windsor, asked Cobb why he went 0-4.  Cobb snapped back, “You try solving Ruffing when he’s got his slider working you disease-ridden, snot-nosed punk.” 


Witnesses says Windsor then burst into tears. When nurses and doctors were unable to console the child, Cobb reared back and punched him in the nose knocking his oxygen supply clean across the room. The Tigers outfielder then stormed out, but not before snapping off a remark about an orderly who appeared to be of Italian ancestry. 


The Yankees are just one game away from winning the title as the Sim Series shifts back to the Bronx.  


Cobb still predicts his Tigers will win as long as the sim technology is kept out of the hands of Zionist moguls. 









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