Melanie Oudin Appoints 15 Year-Old Boyfriend Part of Management Team

Seventeen year-old Melanie Oudin celebrates as her 15 year-old manager plots her next big career move.

Seventeen year-old Melanie Oudin celebrates as her 15 year-old manager plots her next big career move.

NEW YORK (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) On Monday, Melanie Oudin’s Cinderella story continued as the 17 year old phenom came from a set down to beat 27 year old Russian Nadia Petrova in three sets. Lost in the post-match celebration was the announcement that her 15 year old boyfriend, Austin Smith, would join Oudin’s management team.

In the interview room after her upset victory, Oudin continually deferred to Smith, who stayed by her side before, during and long after the formal post-game media session and all the ensuing interviews. Smith was seen whispering in her ear as Oudin, smiling like a smitten teenager, nodded in agreement.

According to Melanie, Smith is a savvy business man, mentioning that the enterprising teenager made over $3,000 in just the past week auctioning autographed balls, wrist bands and hotel stationery over eBay.

“If you think I’m tough on the court, that’s nothing compared to Austin,” said Melanie. ”I think he’ll be a great addition to the team.”

Smith couldn’t agree more. “We got plans, big plans, see,” said Smith, doing his best Jimmy Cagney. “And ain’t no two-bit phony or bum gonna get in the way, see? Try it and you’ll find yourself with a belly full o lead.”

While Oudin’s family privately acknowledges the Svengali-like hold the young Smith has over their over-achieving daughter, they are reluctant to do or say anything for fear of disturbing the delicate emotional balance required to compete as the tournament enters the quarterfinals.

“Austin’s a cute kid, and obviously very smart,” said Leslie Oudin, Melanie’s mother, smiling through clenched teeth. “But geez, he can be a bossy little guy.”

Oudin’s current manager, Sam Duvall, looks forward to working with Smith. “We’ve got a whole five year plan, we see Melanie branching out in several directions — a clothing line, cosmetics, and a Nickelodeon sitcom about a teenage tennis star and her bratty 15 year old boyfriend who gets gunned down in a case of mistaken identify in the third episode.”

“Man, that’s one obnoxious little shit,” said tennis analyst John McEnroe. “But being obnoxious and being successful are not mutually exclusive. As I can personally attest to.”

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