Pete Rose Owes $7,863.57 in Library Late Fees for Borrowing Book Written by Pete Rose


Still Hustlin’. Pete Rose had better get Charlie Hustle back to the Public Library of Cincinnati or else.

Still Hustlin’. Pete Rose had better get Charlie Hustle back to the Public Library of Cincinnati or else.



CINCINNATI (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) Just when Pete Rose thought he was could finally relax and enjoy what people in their late 60’s enjoy, a letter sent return receipt arrived at the hit king’s home on Saturday with a price tag attached to it. In his playing days, Rose liked showing up at Cincinnati area libraries to borrow books on baseball – especially books written by himself.  

Now he owes the Public Library of Cincinnati $7,863.57 in late fees. He took out the book he penned in 1975 called Charlie Hustle on November 19th of that year and still hasn’t returned it.

“He seemed like a fine young man,” said 83 year old Loretta Hayes, who was the head librarian at the time, and now a volunteer who helps out on Saturdays. “He may have been a bit brash, but seemed like the kind of fellow who would return a book on time. Years passed and presidents came and went, and still the book wasn’t returned. My husband Walter died in 1988 and my second husband Leonard two years after that. Time just sort of marched on, and still, no book. I figured by 1993 or so, he probably wasn’t going to return it, so I finally broke down and ordered us a new one.”

Rose doesn’t recall ever borrowing the book.

“With all due respect to the Public Library and Mrs. Hayes, I just don’t have the thing,” said the seventeen time all-star. “I never borrowed the book in the first place. I’m innocent.”

But the evidence against Rose is clear. The library card he signed on November 19, 1975 with the same familiar signature that graces thousands of baseballs, photos and betting slips is proof enough.

Hayes went on to describe the profound disappointment on children’s faces when they wanted to borrow the book but were told Rose hadn’t returned it.

“I’d say some of those kids were simply devastated,” added the grey haired octogenarian. “The question I kept getting was ‘why didn’t Rose have his own copy if he actually wrote it?’ I had no idea. Well, those kids grew up and had kids, and then they wanted to borrow the book, and it still wasn’t here. It’s too bad too, because Charlie Hustle is a wonderful document of the Reds’ 1974 season. I was particularly enthralled with Rose’s spellbinding narrative of the enormity of George Foster’s penis.”

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