Fan Brings Baseball Glove to NCAA Tourney in Hopes of Snagging Foul Basketball

Hoop, There It Is? No. The bizarre Cornelius Blake came up empty.

CLEVELAND (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) Wichita State’s dynamic run to the Sweet Sixteen has been special, but Cornelius Blake, one of the school’s freshmen, and math major was getting all the attention.

Blake received awkward stares when he brought his first baseman’s glove to the game in the hopes off snagging an errant basketball in the stands. He was seated in row F, seat 12 in section 110. “I had some good looks at a couple of balls, but I went home empty handed,” the bespectacled frosh quipped in what may be the most dazzling double entendre of the entire tournament. “I was disappointed — let’s just leave it at that.”

It was explained to Blake that unlike baseball where foul balls enter the stands by the dozens becoming souvenirs for lucky fans, very rarely do basketballs wind up going home with hoop devotees. In fact, if a ball does wind up in the hands of a basketball fan, it is almost always tossed back to the referees and reused in the game.

“I paid good money,” added Blake. “I think if I was lucky enough to get a ball I should be able to keep it.”

“It’s pretty clear that young Mr. Blake is ill, and probably shouldn’t be attending college in the first place,” said NCAA spokesman Travis G. Finster. “He’s probably very dangerous and capable of unspeakable acts like murder, cannibalism, and starting every sentence with the word ‘so.’ I’d keep my eye on this guy.”


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