Knicks Owner James Dolan Also Has Sights on Larry Brown

Bullets Over Broadway? Maybe, if Isiah takes the gig.

NEW YORK (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) — In a controversial move that has confounded Knicks fans, league officials, and just about anyone who casually follows professional sports – or high profile sex harassment cases — Knicks owner James Dolan is planing to re-hire Isaish Thomas, whose failure as Knicks GM was nothing short of epic. Dolan appears to be doubling down by looking to re-engage Larry Brown, whose failure in his single season as Knicks coach caused super fan Woody Allen such agida he quit New York to make an succession of films in Europe.

“I think I speak for most Knicks fans when I say I was elated when a member of the tribe, Amare Stoudemire, signed, signaling a new era of Knicks basketball,” said Allen. “But rehiring Larry Brown? Hiring Isiah is bad enough. Brown was a disaster. The guy made Knicks games about as much fun as a colonoscopy performed by Dr. Mengele. Dolan is either a dunce or just unable to acknowledge his biggest mistakes. I’m sure he believes Herbert Hoover was misunderstood.”

In related news, the potential hiring of Thomas outrages prominent women’s rights attorney Gloria Allred. Several years ago, a jury found Knicks Coach Isiah Thomas guilty of sexually harassing a former marketing executive, Anucha Browne Sanders. They also found that Browne Sanders was wrongfully terminated in retaliation for alleging that Thomas had made unwanted advances and subjected her to verbal abuse. In a preemptive move, the Knicks organization has vowed to enforce a strict no hand-checking rule.

UPDATE: Thomas is now leaning towards not taking the consulting job, but says he still wouldn’t mind dropping by to get a “feel” for things.

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