Dallas Cowboys Masquerade as Pro Football Team for Halloween; Owner Jones Goes as Demon

The Devil in Mr. Jones. Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones gets all demonic for Halloween while his players pretend they're real football team.

DALLAS (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) Perhaps going into their game against Jacksonville, the Cowboys felt a bit like hiding. Afterward, they went into an all out disappearing act. Most of the team spent the evening trick or treating behind masks and makeup as their favorite professional football players.

“I went as Tom Brady,” said Cowboys backup quarterback, Jon Kitna, who threw four interceptions in yesterday’s 35-17 loss at home. “I’m hoping someday my trick or treat dreams will go from getting candy to playing for a real NFL team.”

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones who earlier in the day told reporters he was “dumbfounded” by his team’s losing ways, stayed on the the sidewalk monitoring proceedings as his players excitedly scampered and skipped along neighborhood streets ringing doorbells and extending their bags in anticipation of acquiring a stash of Snickers, Skittles, Smarties, Zingers, and lollipops.

“I couldn’t wait to get home,” chimed running back Tashard Choice, who was clearly overjoyed gnawing on his leathery strand of cherry Twizzlers. “I dumped my stockpile of treats on the kitchen counter in hopes I’d find a win in there somewhere. I didn’t find the win, but I found a rock with note attached that said ‘keep trying loser.’ So that’s something.

Jones, no stranger to community service in Dallas, delighted in frightening little children with his tricked out, CGI-laden get up as the heartless, soulless, malevolent, flesh-eating, blood-slurping demon, Malacoda.

“Next year I’m going as the devil himself,” added Jones. “It’s a role I was born to play.”

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