Listen One Extra Second or Two and You Just Might Find Something Worth Hearing

PRIME SPORTS NETWORK Delivers Something Different

I’ve known Greg DePalma for about seven years. I met him when we were both working at another failed South Florida radio venture, 1400 The Fan. He was paired up with radio veteran, Bob Page. I was doing a baseball show with Marc Bednarczak, then known simply as Marc the Mouth. Page, by all accounts is retired from broadcasting. Bednarczak is still doing radio. His latest stop, Tampa.

As for DePalma and myself – well, we both evaporated into the ether along with everyone else who worked in that rat infested (not joking) building.

Greg DePalma

People took their skills in a variety of directions in the radio biz. No need to bore you with a laundry list of “where are they now?” credits. Out of everyone, Greg DePalma took the biggest leap of faith. He started his own online radio empire. He’s managed to lasso a group of savvy radio veterans whose specialties range from boxing and hockey to football and horse racing.

One stop at Prime Sports Network and you just may stumble on an interview with a Hall of Fame baseball player or an in-depth discussion on the inner workings of building a successful sports franchise from the ground up. PSN is not a media powerhouse. ¬†What it is a vast horizon peppered with possibilities. Internet radio is nothing new. But perhaps the vision DePalma has for his PSN is. It is sports-centric, but there are detours here. If you are a someone with something to say, Greg wants to listen. That in itself is refreshing because in the radio business – a business built on listening (not just hearing) – there is very little listening going on. That’s because the powers that be are often bean counters.

Vision. Innovation. Openness. That’s what radio used to be. It still is. You just have to dial it up on the internet.

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