As Part of Deal, Jeter Gets to Keep Bambino’s Preserved Body in Apple Cellar

Ruth or Consequences. If Jeter didn't take over the Babe's corpse, the Yanks had no backup plan.

NEW YORK (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) New York baseball purists and traditionalists can rest easy as Derek Jeter is most likely a Yankee for life. The shortstop’s three year $51M deal with the club includes an option for a fourth year and custodial rights to Babe Ruth’s preserved body. The fabled Sultan of Swat’s remains have been remarkably preserved by Abigail Bates, a librarian and amateur taxidermist.

“This is huge for me,” said Jeter. “I look forward to keeping the Babe in my apple cellar at my Greenwood Lake home. It makes for a nice conversation piece during lavish parties or quiet dinners. I’d like to thank the Steinbrenners for this little bit of added value. It was a nice touch.”

Jeter told members of the media there was no other team he’d rather play for. His appreciation for the team’s storied past played directly into his acquiring the custodial rights to the corpse.

“If there’s anyone who deserves to keep the Babe on ice more than Derek, I’d like to know who it is,” quipped Hank Steinbrenner, Senior Vice President of the team. “We had high level discussions on this. Its a sensitive issue. But in the end, it was a no brainer. I think it’ll be fun for Derek, once he gets past the death stank, airborne diseases, and maggots reproducing inside the eye sockets. You just don’t get this kind of tradition in basketball. I don’t see Kobe Bryant clamoring to gets his mitts on Wilt Chamberlain’s bones.”

Steinbrenner then paused a moment adding “Oh, I’m sorry, too soon?”

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