A TSD Classique: NASCAR’s Jimmie Johnson to Have Truck Nuts Removed

Oh Nuts! Looks like these puppies will get clipped next week.

CHARLOTTE  (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) In a procedure Hendrick Racing pit crew member Kyle Jenkins claims is “tricky,” NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson will have the truck nuts removed from his Dodge Ram.

The nuts underwent some minor repair in August, but unfortunately the condition deteriorated and service technicians have no choice now but to remove them. The racing team often assists Johnson with his personal truck, saying the nuts are a prized possession, but continuous hard driving and occasional rough terrain in the North Carolina mountains has taken it’s toll.

Johnson is waiting to hear if his Ram is a good candidate for a truck nut transplant or if the vehicle will continue to take to the streets without them. Some trucks have maintained normal service without them, and there are reports that some trucks actually run even better nuts free, claiming they can operate unencumbered.

“Either way there’ll be an adjustment period,” said Johnson. “All of us here have grown quite attached to those nuts, let alone how my truck must be feeling.”

If technicians recommend new nuts not be attached, Johnson says he will consider having the truck join a support group for those who’ve recently lost their nuts.

When asked why he simply doesn’t get another truck, Johnson snapped.

“Another truck? You’re kidding, right? This is about loyalty. You people must think this is all some kind of joke. Well it isn’t.”

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