Andy Reid Donates His Jacket to Phillies as New Infield Tarp After Eagles Loss

Reid It and Weep. Eagles Loss is Phillies Gain.

PHILADELPHIA (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) The Philadelphia Eagles drive with nearly one minute left on the clock, resulted in a 21-16 loss after quarterback Michael Vick threw an interception in the end zone sealing a Green Bay Packers victory.

The loss infuriated Eagle Head Coach Andy Reid so much he heaved his jacket halfway across the parking lot as he exited the stadium. Phillies employee Conrad Ritz noticed the massive garment and questioned Reid about it.

“He said to me ‘you guys keep the fuckin’ thing,’” said Ritz. “So I motioned for several fans to help me carry it into the underground parking garage at Citizen’s Bank Park. We were about due for a new tarp to cover the infield during rain delays. This will more than fit the bill.”

Phillies ground crew employees will have the unenviable task of unfurling the jacket, sanitizing it and putting into place in time for the upcoming 2011 season.

“Of course we’ll have to remove the Eagles logo and replace it with a Phillies logo,” added Ritz. “I don’t think our fans will kick up much of a fuss about that. After all, we want to keep the karma positive.”

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