Sabres Being Buffaloed in Cairo

Interchangeable? Many think so.

Interchangeable? Many think so.

CAIRO (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) With the recent change of power in Egypt, one hockey franchise is giving an icy shoulder to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Buffalo Sabres which entered the NHL back in the 1970-71 season is declaring a blizzard jihad, claiming copyright infringement on their once proud logo. Some time ago, the Disney Corporation threatened to file a lawsuit against the Islamist organization Hamas for a similar instance regarding Mickey Mouse.

Longtime Sabres fan and Egyptian expatriate Ana Kafir is willing to sit in the penalty box for life if it means saving her precious Sabres Logo. She starts off by emphatically reminding Buffalonians…”WWPD” (What would Perreault do) referring to NHL Hall of Famer & former Sabres great, Gilbert Perreault of the famed French Connection line of the 1970’s.

“It’s a outrageous how these thugs have defiled my beloved Sabres by stealing their logo!” said Kafir.

The silence from NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman thus far has been deafening. Not so however from Don Cherry. The feisty NHL commentator and former Boston Bruins coach is ready to pop a few members of the Muslim Brotherhood with some rock ’em sock ’em hockey. He plans on donning a red blazer during the main event.

Not everyone agrees. The head of the SEIOU, Yura Fraud claims “There’s no copyright infringement. The Muslim Brotherhood is a group of community organizers that consist of pipe fitters & electricians. They make pipes for plumbing needs and wire homes to provide electricity for people. They’re a union.”

Some former Sabres alumni plan on traveling to Egypt to incite a donnybrook in Tahrir Square; Like former NHL enforcer Dave “The Hammer” Shultz who briefly played for the Sabres during the 1978-79 NHL Season. “As long as I can still skate & throw fisticuffs, I’ll join in the melee,” said the 62 year old Schultz, seething with anger.

Pierre “Porky” Duvalier, 32, who refused to wear a helmet during his playing days in the Very East Coast Hockey League (VECHL) said “I’m not going to even wear a seatbelt on my flight to Cairo.”

President Obama was swift to respond & condemned the Buffalo Sabres Organization stating “Despite the fact that I wasn’t there when the Buffalo logo was created, the Sabres acted stupidly.”

The US State Department issued a warning to the Great White North stating “Harsh sanctions would be imposed on the former Canadian enforcers unless they toned down their inflammatory rhetoric against The Muslim Brotherhood.”

Current director of operations at “Al Jazeera Eh!?” (the Canadian Version’s Al Jazeera), Doogie Harib, has obtained the rights to a no-holds-barred brawl in Tahrir Square between the Muslim Brotherhood & former NHL Enforcers.

“There’s no doubt about it, everyone is going to have a blast in this Mid East vs. West epic,” hailed the exuberant Harib.

Former Egyptian strongman Hosni Mubarak plans on watching the historical bout & will be rooting for Team Canada. Michael Buffer will be on hand for the ceremonies coining his famous intro with a slight twist, beginning each match with “Let’s get ready to riot!”


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