Dodgers’ Brian Wilson to Leave Baseball for Full Time Comedy Career


California Boys. If you’re Brian Wilson, that Wilson weirdness is just part of the package, whether you’re a Dodger or a Beach Boy.









LOS ANGELES (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) Los Angeles Dodgers reliever Brian “The Beard” Wilson may have electric stuff on the mound and an on field persona that excites fans, but for him, it’s not enough. That’s why he announced yesterday he’s leaving baseball after the 2013 season. The career move stunned teammates, coaches, ownership and especially fans.

“I like to get the laugh,” said Wilson. “Sort of like I did when I first came up with the Giants. Then I got dominant and the laughs were replaced by fist pumps and cheers. Not into it. I prefer laughs. So that’s why I’m going into comedy – sketch comedy mostly. I mean, I’ll do a little stand up from time to time, but quirky little ensemble pieces seem more in my wheelhouse. I also occasionally like to work blue, dropping f-bombs like a motherfucker when I feel the material needs it.”

Wilson, famous for his jet black beard, is being hailed as one of the finest actor-athletes in recent memory with a clear talent for comedy. His legendary turn in an MLB 2K11 commercial where he calls out his “Digital Me” character earned praise from one of Hollywood’s comedic heavyweights.

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“This guy’s a natural,” said Peter Farrelly, one half of the comedy movie brother duo, the Farrelly Brothers. “Hey Zach Galiafanakis, there’s a storm comin‘ brother – and its got a beard too.”

Wilson is slated to star in a farcical remake of Blackbeard due for release on Christmas Day, 2014.



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