126 Years. Second Title.

126 Years. Second Title.

The first one I got to watch with my dad when I was 16.  Now, at 44 I got to watch the second one with my son.

There are times when I’ve asked myself “what makes life worth living?”  I’ve got a short list. My family. My friends. Listening to Chick Corea play piano.  Swimming in the Aegean Sea in the land of my fathers.

Tonight I got another answer.  When you love a city and it’s teams so much, but you’re not used winning, and the day that you do win finally comes, it means everything. EVERYTHING.

Then came the life changing moment. I wasn’t supposed to be here. On January 23rd, 2007 I had a heart attack. Had I not gotten immediate (and I mean immediate) help, I would have been dead. “Two minutes more” that’s what the doctor said. I’d be dead now if two more minutes would have passed. A massive, life ending heart attack. 

Instead, I survived.

After finding out I’d be OK — My wife asked me what I wanted to do or see.  A bucket list of sorts. Not that I planned on dying off any time soon.  I didn’t have to think very hard. It was all about baseball.  

I wanted to see a game in Wrigley Field.  I did that. I wanted to play catch with my son on the real “Field of Dreams” in Iowa. I did that. The third thing wasn’t so easy, because I had no control over it.  The third thing was I wanted to see the Phillies win another World Series.

THEY did that.

The first one I got to watch with my dad when I was 16.  Now, at 44 I got to watch the second one with my son.

Yeah, life is very definitely — worth living.

3 Responses to “Phinally!”

  1. Jim Says:

    The Phillies are best team in baseball and world champions! It’s almost hard to say and feels strange to the subconscious.

    Lidge in the 9th, Utley’s throw to the plate, plus the tag by Ruiz, Feliz two out hit for go ahead run….. man, short and sweet. Only to be in Philly to share in the joy. Now there’s a sentence you don’t expect to hear!

  2. Angelo Says:

    TA: Your entry makes it sound as though you’re writing the final chapter in your book! In fact, I see it differently. You’re 44—you’re maybe halfway through the book. You watched with your Dad, you watched with your son. Here’s hoping with the grace of God you watch the Phightin’ Phillies win again—-with your Grandchild! Congratulations on the Phillies job well done.

  3. Dave K. Says:

    I agree with the well-written response by Angelo. Here’s hoping you enjoy many more championships with the Phillies. I believe you will, as long as Albert Puljos isn’t within six states when Brad Lidge takes the mound. As a long-suffering Astros fan, I’m sure you can appreciate my sentiments.

    Dave K.

    P.S. By the way, I had media credentials for the NLCS and the World Series but other work commitments prohibited me from using them. How much does that stink?