World FUCKING Champions

On Friday, Ocotber 31st at Philadelphia’s Citizen’s Bank Park, Phillies second baseman Chase Utley spoke to thousands of excited Phillies fans celebrating only their second World Series title in 126 years.

If you haven’t seen the clip, here it is:

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Surprisingly, MOST people in Philly loved this. They didn’t mind their kids hearing Chase Utley drop the F-bomb as clear as day. EVERY TV station Philly carried it live.

What I love about this is that we witnessed a genuine moment of joy. Not the santized, scripted Disney-esque hoo-hah we always hear from our sports heroes.  Chase Utley simply said what every Phillies fan was thinking and feeling — every Phillies fan who had endured a generation of pent up frustration.  He captured it with one, simple beautiful phrase.  The word — FUCKING — was used not out of anger or spite, but out of joy.  

I have a young son. I don’t use the word regularly around the house – certainly not when he’s within earshot.  But I don’t shield him from it either.  It’s a word. There are so many other dangerous things out there besides saying FUCKING.

We’re so panicky about the language and sex on TV and in the movies. Yet, we buy our kids video games where soldiers blow apart “the enemy” and think nothing of it.  But we spring into action the second someone says something we’re not supposed to say on TV.   Let’s be clear about something.  This IS NOT the pre-fabricated, witless, Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction from the Super Bowl a couple years back that unfortunately got the thought police (the far left and religious right) on a PC witch hunt.  This is a moment of exaltation… an honest, human expression of accomplishment, love and utter joy.  

There’s a difference — and shame on those who can’t tell the difference.

And by the way, this is not a Phillies issue, because I’m a Phillies fan. This is a real moment in time I’d defend if it was uttered by a World Champion member of the Dodgers, Yankees or Red Sox — hell I’d even smile if a Met had said it.

I sincerely hope Chase Utley doesn’t apologize (though he’ll be pressured to) for having perhaps the most honest emotion any professional athlete has ever had on a national stage.

I’ve watched this clip over and over – because in my lifetime, I have never seen a more honest reaction from fans — one of sheer surprise, unbridled joy and unconditional love for a hometown hero for speaking his mind and delivering on a long overdue championship. It is simply magical.

And if the do-gooders who shield their children from every joyous naughty word don’t like it…fuck ’em.

2 Responses to “World FUCKING Champions”

  1. charliemanuel Says:

    f ’em is right! i’m getting a tshirt about it for christmas and plan to wear it proudly,

  2. Bob B Says:

    chase utley has summed up the frustrtaion and elation that every phils fan felt that day – an honest exclamation of happiness!!

    since i live in kansas now, i wasnt watching it live – but i watched it on youtube again and again. later, i showed my 17 year old son – he said play it again! my eleven year old thought it was great – he wants a t-shirt (he won’t get it)

    loved your blog entry – agree 100%. and although i would also applaud it if it were a red sock, yankee, dodger or ray, i’m glad it was a phil!