Woody Allen’s Next Film Denies Existence of Knicks

Pearl Knick-less. If Woody Allen has his way, it will be as if Earl “The Pearl” Monroe and everything connected to the Knicks never existed.

NEW YORK (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) — Film Director Woody Allen is returning to New York for his next feature film, a yet untitled work that suggests the New York Knicks never existed in any time or any place.

“As most people know, I love the Knicks as most New Yorkers did at one time,” said the 75 year old filmmaker who has had season tickets since the 1970’s. “But of course those were the Knicks of Reed, Bradley, Frazier, and my personal favorite, Earl Monroe. What we’ve endured the past thirty years is a travesty. It’s a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham. Therefore my latest work will depict the organization as having never existed. I just think it’s best for everyone.”

Allen has had high level meetings with NBA Commissioner David Stern on how to strike any mention of the Knicks from all record books and return season tickets to every fan who ever existed.

“That’s the tough part,” said Allen. “Unfortunately, a Mr. Henry Needleman from Yonkers keeps insisting the team has another shot to make the playoffs next year. Granted, they’re better, but let’s not fool ourselves. Unless everyone is in complete agreement, the Knicks will continue to exist – like the universe and certain sections of New Jersey.”

“I’m still trying to figure it all out,” said former Knicks great Patrick Ewing. “Is it that I’m not going to fictionally exist, or am I now all of a sudden exempt from filing tax returns?”

Other Knicks as well as longtime Knicks fans are curious too.

Angelo Gardenia, a Knicks fan since the 1960’s seems pleased with the possibility. “Yeah, naturally it’ll take a little time adjusting to simply forgetting those wonderful days from ’69 and ’73, but at least I can permanently wipe from my memory that lousy, stinking slob of a brother-in-law of mine who constantly dripped mustard all over his shirt every time he cheered Bernard King hitting a baseline jumper.”

“If Allen wants to play that game, cool,” said former Knicks enforcer and noted film maven Charles Oakley. “I’ll forget his last seven films ever existed, with the exception of Match Point, featuring a radiant Scarlett Johansson. Though I found Jonathan Rhys-Meyers completely unbelievable as a tennis pro.”

“We don’t have to panic folks. It’s an experiment,” added Allen. “What we’re doing is taking method acting to the extreme, and making it method life. Naturally, we’re running into a larger budget here. If we run over cost, I’ll just do what I usually do – I’ll scrap the whole Knicks notion and write something that features an aging TV writer falling in love with a group of seventeen year old Catholic school girls dressed in plaid skirts and knee socks. The French love that kind of stuff.”


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