Pablo Sandoval Asks Tim Lincecum For His Extra Fat During Post Game Dinner

Kung “Food” Panda. Pablo Sandovol unloads on baseball, then on leftovers.

SAN FRANCISCO (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) The defending World Champion San Francisco Giants are looking to repeat as champs in 2013. Winners of their last six in a row, the Giants appear they’ll be in the thick of things all season. However, Bay Area reporters focused on a different story yesterday.  Pablo “King Fu Panda” Sandoval asked ace hurler Tim Lincecum for the discarded mountain of fat on his plate from the pork chops served during the team dinner.

“That’s Panda,” said Lincecum. “He’s already thinking about hibernating in the winter, so he’s loading up. Naturally, I obliged.”

The portly Sandovol, devoured the scraps, patted himself on the belly and took a nap in the middle of the floor.

“This has become a problem. We need to do something about this.” said Giants Manager Bruce Bochy. “So I told our clubhouse guy ‘order extra fat.’ He’s working on it.”

In an unrelated incident, Detroit Tigers first baseman, Prince Fielder has installed a pizza oven in his locker.


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