Dallas Cowboys Muslim Cheerleader Gaining Popularity


Double Coverage. Habibah al-Saad gettin' it done Cowboys style.

DALLAS (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) Leave it to America’s Team to break down the last remaining barriers in professional sports. Though Habibah al-Saad’s routine is never in sync with her cheerleader sisters, the lone Muslim member of the squad is gaining wild popularity. Her Cowboys blue burqa has become all the rage on the sidelines this season, and is now the talk on the street in the Dallas Metroplex.

“The way she stands there – a towering unsexy, motionless figure in stark contrast to the sea of spectacular tits and ass – now that is really something to behold.” said season ticket holder Burton Whitelaw. “She’s rewriting the role of cheerleader every day.”

However, some Cowboys fans remain unconvinced she should be a member of the prestigious and iconic cheerleading team.

“I don’t get it.” said Sally Mayfield of Fort Worth. “She doesn’t do the dance routines, she doesn’t cheer a great Cowboys play – though admittedly there won’t be many of those this season, and she doesn’t interact with the crowd. Yet, (Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader’s Director) Kelli McGonagill Finglass is paying her as much as the other girls. Explain that to me.”

“Habibah shows up on time and never misses a practice.” seethed Finglass amid a still fair amount of criticism. “In her defense, she’ll be able to stand there like that well into her 50’s. I’d like to see the other ladies pull that off.”

al-Saad will be signing her new book, “Just Standing There” at Barnes and Noble in the Irving Mall on Friday from noon till 2:00 PM.



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