Ghost of Ted Knight Won’t Stop Haunting South Florida Golf Courses

Caddyshack Star Terrorizes Golfers with Harrowing Cry of “Well…we’re waiting!”



Nice hat. Ted Knight died in 1986, but apparently no one’s had the heart to tell him.

DAVIE, FL (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) Grande Oaks Golf Club, formerly Rolling Hills Golf Club, where the motion picture Caddyshack was shot in the fall of 1979, is one of many South Florida golf courses where reports of disturbing encounters with the long dead character actor, Ted Knight continue to surface.

But lately the paranormal events have become more frequent and unsettling.

Cy Flanders, a member for over twenty years at Twin Oaks Golf Club in Cooper City, said he was enjoying a pleasant twilight round of golf with friends Chip Colson, Harry Peters, and Al Sobeck last Tuesday. As dusk was approaching the foursome was ready to hit off on the eighteenth tee, when an unusually chilling breeze got their attention.

“We were surprised how cold it felt,” said Flanders. “This is South Florida. We’re not used to that, even this time of year. What happened next really tightened our colons.”

What happened next was a glowing apparition appeared to them near the ball wash. The foursome claimed it seemed frustrated and hostile.

“It looked just like Ted Knight from Caddyshack,” added Flanders. “Chip swore the figure spoke to him – telling him to hurry up his shot, and it was getting late. Craziest thing any of us ever saw in our lives. Chip just picked up his ball without swinging and got into the cart. None of us felt much like hitting after that. We looked back, and Knight was still standing there – angry and challenging. Both carts blazed a trail to the clubhouse. When we got there, the clubhouse pro said we’d all looked like we’d seen a ghost. I guess we did.”

Knight, who died in 1986 earned fame for his Emmy Award winning portrayal of the obnoxious and slightly dimwitted television anchor, Ted Baxter on the Mary Tyler Moore Show in the 1970’s.  His role as Judge Elihu Smails in the golf comedy classic, Caddyshack was described by critic Rex Reed as “one of the most delicious villains in cinematic history.”

“I guess if you time it right, you just might run into Ted,” said Whispering Palms assistant pro, Jack Palmer. “To be honest it’s something South Florida residents have sort of kept to themselves over the years, but word has started to spread – especially after the incident last week – and the thing that happened about a month ago with Emma Buttons.”

Buttons, one of Whispering Palms top female golfers from the 1970’s and still competitive in her early 60’s, alleges that on January 12th, she was engulfed by a dank odor and chill, then was “felt up” by what she described as a “glowing middle-aged man with white hair holding a can of Fresca.”

A team of paranormal experts, including Greg Myers, one of the top investigators in the country, have been summoned to research the reports, and plan on visiting several Broward County golf courses the ghost of Knight has reportedly haunted.

“All I can say is after all these years Ted has raised his game,” added Palmer. “His hauntings always appeared playful to us. But now a more serious and determined ghost is serving notice. I just hope this doesn’t get as bad as when the ghost of Thurman Munson forced three Red Sox fans to drive off an embankment back in ’87.”


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