Boxing Fan Savors Side of Beef “Tenderized” by Smokin’ Joe

Joe Frazier prepares dinner.

LANCASTER, PA (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) As the boxing world mourns the passing of heavyweight great Joe Frazier, who died yesterday at the age of 67, one of his die hard fans paid him a unique, yet fitting tribute.

In the movie Rocky, Sylvestor Stallone’s title character is shown in a meat locker getting in shape by pounding a side of beef,  inspired by a young Joe Frazier, who worked in a slaughterhouse and practiced his punches on hanging slabs of meat.

Morris Lester, a resident of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, dined on a side of beef the boxing legend pummeled  over fifteen years ago during a publicity event; Frazier was on hand to mark the opening of a new steakhouse.  Lester had the slab cut, packaged and frozen.

“I was shocked how tender and moist the meat was,” said Lester, who shared two large steaks with his wife. “Even after sitting in the freezer for all those years, we threw it on the grill, added some salt,  a little garlic…you could have cut it with a butter knife.”

Lester said he has enough meat for at least fifteen more meals.

“We’ll eat some, maybe smoke the rest and freeze dry it for our grand kids, who never had the privilege of seeing Joe in his prime.  As you get older, your memory starts to fade, you want to hold onto things. Like pictures, souvenirs…or  sides of beef pounded into mouth-watering succulence by the fists of the great Joe Frazier. He will be missed.”


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