Gazpacho Vendor at Columbus Blue Jackets Games Can’t Understand Low Sales



No Soup for Me! Apparently that’s all one vendor is hearing at Nationwide Arena in Columbus.

COLUMBUS, OH (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) Juan Del Santo has struggled to find work for two years, and is feeling the effects of a bleak economy. The former limo service owner who came to the United States from Spain in 1997, was forced to give up his business. He recently got part time work as a vendor at Columbus Blue Jackets games. Unfortunately for him, the Spanish soup Gazpacho, which is served cold, is not catching on as he’d hoped.

“I realize hockey arenas are cold and many people like to sip hot cocoa or coffee, but beer is cold, and people drink that.” said the disillusioned entrepreneur. “My Gazpacho is wonderful, it’s my grandmother Isabella’s recipe. It’s nutritious and delicious. Apparently folks here in the rust belt have difficulty kicking their nachos and footlong dogs to the curb for this Andalucian delicacy. Well, it’s their loss.”

It’s also Del Santo’s loss as he total sales from his last game amounted to $17.85.

“Cold soup?” said Blue Jackets fan, Jack Martin, 48, a loading dock worker. “Soup should be piping hot. It should burn the roof off your mouth. This is middle America Bro. We want fatty, heart clogging, salt laden, slop that sticks to your ribs. The only vegetable I eat is corn chips.”

Martin collapsed and died of a massive coronary shortly before leaving for Nationwide Arena.  His season tickets are currently available.


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