Researching Movie Role, Seth Rogen Steps In As Aaron Rodgers, Packers Loses First Game

Green Hornet Fails Green Bay. Seth Rogen's performance not Oscar worthy.

KANSAS CITY (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) In pads and uniform, he may have looked like Aaron Rodgers, he may at times even played like Aaron Rodgers, but A List actor Seth Rogen took full responsibility for the Green Bay Packers loss, and a shot at immortality.

“Granted, I threw for 235 yards and a touchdown, but I was outplayed by Kyle Orton – Kyle Fucking Orton!” seethed Rogen.

The Packers, trying to become only the second team in NFL history to notch a perfect season, finally dropped a game in week 15 to the Kansas City Chiefs 19-14 to go 13-1. The real Aaron Rodgers could only stand helplessly on the sideline and beg Head Coach Mike McCarthy to put him in the game.

“Unfortunately, when an actor with Rogen’s star power is researching a role, it takes precedent over everything.” said Rodgers. “He took snaps all week, but I really didn’t think he’d actually play in the game. We had to sit there and just kinda take it. Then afterward, he hooked up with some Chief’s cheerleaders for a wet and sizzling four way. I can hardly wait to see what this movie’s about.”



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