Jonathan Papelbon Mysteriously Disappears After Three Day Fishing Trip with Ryan Madson

Dead Calm. Ryan Madson without a care in the world, moments after fishing partner Jonathan Papelbon went missing.

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) It seemed innocent enough; The Philadelphia Phillies former closer taking the high priced free agent who took his place out on the high seas for some fun in the sun.

Ryan Madson thought he was a shoe in for the closer roll and a big contract this season with the only team he’s known, the Phillies. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, General Manager, Ruben Amaro Jr. snatched up high ticket hurler Jonathan Papelbon, and Madson was suddenly expendable. But Madson wanted to prove he had no hard feelings. Though in intense negotiations with the Cincinnati Reds, he found time to invite Papelbon to the his winter home in Clearwater for some fishing.

Papelbon hasn’t been heard from since.

Joe Whitlock, 58, a neighbor of Madson’s, saw the two pitchers leave on Madson’s small boat at about 7:00 AM Tuesday morning.

“They went out for a couple of days without incident.” said Whitlock. “I’m sure Madson wanted Papelbon to develop a trust – a real sense of security, even complacency  before he violently killed him yesterday.”

Madson claims he knows nothing of Papelbon’s whereabouts.

“What? It was the kind of stuff you bring on a small fishing boat all the time, a rod, reel, some beer, some steel wire, a handgun, an ice pick, rat poison, and some turpentine soaked towels.” Madson chillingly recalled. “Suddenly I turned around and Jonathan was gone. I hope he turns up.”



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