NFL Playoffs: Tim Tebow Engineers Spectacular 4th Quarter Cheese Dip

Cheese-us, Take the Wheel. Tim Tebow moments before unveiling his legendary, game saving cheese dip.

DENVER (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) It might be a Giants-Patriots Super Bowl, but the Broncos won’t go away. Quarterback and deity Tim Tebow got together with a select group of teammates and several fellow parishioners from the New City Church in Denver to enjoy the AFC Championship game Sunday afternoon. Late in the 4th quarter, Tebow noticed a palpable malaise among his viewing buddies. That’s when he sprung into action.

Tebow emerged just two minutes and twenty-three seconds later with a brimming bowl of piping hot cheese dip and fresh corn chips to ignite the viewers into a demented disorder of dipping delight.

“That was some serious motherfuckin‘ cheese dip!” chimed wide receiver Demaryius Thomas. “Teebs has got it goin‘ on with that glorious melted pastiche of Wisconsin cheddar, Époisses de Bourgogne, and Caprino della Valbrevenna with a hint of Bolivian chilies.”

Afterward, Tebow was thrilled.

“It certainly set the stage for the second game when I brought out the Chicken Florentine in a Weingut Fritz Windisch Alsheimer Romerberg Scheurebe Eiswein reduction with shallots and truffles.” Tebow said. “But I can’t take credit. Jesus gave me the recipe.”



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