Madonna “Doing Fine” After Prosthesis Flies Across Stage at Super Bowl

A Leg Up on the Competition. Pop icon Madonna just moments before her unfortunate accident.

INDIANAPOLIS (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) Pop icon, Madonna lip synced her way into Super Bowl history as her halftime show at Super Bowl XLVI thrilled the faithful at Lucas Oil Stadium. The highly anticipated performance was sandwiched between two  halves of football that saw the New York Giants defeat the New England Patriots 21-17.

Madonna seemed to get through the act well, but eight minutes in, the prosthesis that replaced her right leg after botched hip surgery last June, soared across the stage after a high kick nearly decapitating co-performer, Cee Lo Green. However, the 53 year old legend soldiered on as apparently few in the crowd noticed.

“Motherfuckin’ leg almost took my motherfuckin’ head right off.” chirped Green. “I already have a mountain of health issues, I don’t need to lose a head. Damn!”

The prothesis was retrieved by actor/dancer Boutros Saad who played an Egyptian soldier in the elaborate stage show accented by spectacular CGI graphics, and included lights, lasers, a choir, and a full troop of male dancers – their fully erect penises at the ready. Saad presented Madonna with the prosthesis as she was carried from the stage amidst a gathering miasma of dry ice fog and the unmistakable whiff of body odor and fresh ejaculate.

In a related story, Eli Manning was named Super Bowl MVP.


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