TSD Classique: Daytona Speedway Complains of Noisy Neighbors at Nearby Trailer Park


Takin’ Out the Trash. The Cousins family before things become unhinged.

DAYTONA BEACH, FL (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) Thousands of thrill seeking fans at Daytona International Speedway and the ground shaking roar of stock cars traveling at breakneck speeds certainly generates high decibels of sound; but apparently not enough to drown out the noisy shenanigans emanating from the Lucky Lad Trailer Park next door to the famed race track.

Tyler Meldau, spokesman for the track has had to call in the police on several occasions to quell the deafening noise, but so far the parties, domestic disputes, and drug deal crossfire continues.

“Loud? Yeah, I’d say they’re loud.” said Meldau. “It starts about 10:00 in the morning with the unmistakable sounds of Keith Urban booming from the fleet of 1995 Ford F150’s. Then the drinking starts, followed by the high pitched whine of unbathed three year olds with loaded diapers complaining about the taste of their breakfast consisting of Tater Tots and Diet Shasta Cola. By noon its ratcheted up to shotgun fire, wife swapping, and chants of how they’re going to take America back.”

Incidents at the trailer park have had an effect on the gate at Daytona.

“We’re trying to run a business here,” added Meldau. “When you’ve got two dozen cars burning around the track at 192 miles per hour, you want to enjoy the full sensory experience, including the sound. When that’s suddenly compromised by a fight between Lester Cousins and his sister Bobbie Jo and their dog, well, then we’ve got a problem.”



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