After Missing British Open Cut, Tiger Woods Loses to Little Billy Jensen at Windmill Hole



Run of the Mill. Tiger fell apart at the infamous windmill.


SAVANNAH, GA (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) On the heels of not making the cut at the British Open, a long struggling Tiger Woods was hoping to lift his spirits with a game of miniature golf at Silly Shotz Miniature Golf Course.

His opponent was nine year old Billy Jensen of nearby Eulonia.

Woods stayed even with Jensen through seven holes, then took the lead by getting a hole in one through the clown’s mouth prompting his patented fist pump which thrilled the gathering gallery who cheered the fallen golf star’s every move. But once again it all proved to be temporary as the troubles that have hounded Woods’ game for years reared their ugly head at the baby hippo. An errant shot glanced off the hippo’s hind quarters an onto an adjacent hole disrupting Missy Butler’s birthday party.  The seven year old Butler began crying which delayed the match for nearly twenty minutes.

When play resumed, Woods’ game fell apart as Jensen charged.

With a commanding three stroke lead, Jensen secured victory at the famous Windmill hole, perhaps the most challenging hole in all of miniature golf.

Can’t Find the Hole. A rarity for Tiger.

“That hole makes or breaks tournaments,” Woods said. “My opponent had his A game going today and I did not, plain and simple. Congratulations to him. I can stand here and make excuses that little Missy what’s-her-name’s incessant pissing and moaning threw me off my game, but I won’t — because quite frankly — I found her mother pretty hot.”




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