THE MASTERS: Guy Who Always Yells “Get in the Hole” Is Placed in Large Hole


It’s In the Hole! And there he’ll stay.

AUGUSTA, GA (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) Springtime in Georgia means The Masters.  And the first leg of the grand slam always seems to feature all the spectacular drama one would expect with exciting headlines like “Danny Seems to Willett.” Then there’s the story of Larry Barker.

Barker, perhaps the most annoying fan the sport has known, was again unable to control is bombastic “get in the hole” chants, especially with Smith hitting off the tee.

After repeated pleas to stop, angered Augusta National officials had no choice but to place the 41 year old unemployed lumberjack in a deep hole.

“Irony is as much a staple here at Augusta as Amen Corner and Hogan Bridge,” said Masters Promotions Director, Arnold Perkins. “We felt placing Mr. Barker in a hole had just the right amount of wit attached. Happily, it also served as a very pleasant and unexpected tourist attraction. He was very well taken care of, and was released shortly after the tournament ended on Sunday.”

“He was where he needed to be,” said Green Jacket winner, Danny Willett. “No one appreciates his enthusiasm more than I do, but it messed with my tempo.”

Guards were strategically placed around the fenced in holding area that surrounds the hole to ensure Barker wouldn’t escape and inadvertently cheer anyone on.

“It’s bullshit Bro! I didn’t care for it down there,” lamented Barker, who got tickets to the tournament from his uncle. “Not my cup of tea. I mean, it was plenty big, and the chow was pretty good, but how the hell was I supposed to follow the tournament from in there? Occasionally a player or a caddie will stop by and give me an update, but I was largely in the dark. I thought someone would bring me a newspaper. Do they still print newspapers?”

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