Derek Jeter Arrested for Running Onto Field During Pick Up Softball Game in Central Park

Calm Before the Storm. Everything seemed normal before Jeter pulled his stunt.

NEW YORK (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) When will they learn? Just as the average fan is banned from running on the field of play during a professional game, pro ball players must refrain from doing the same amongst regular human beings.

New York Yankees legend, Derek Jeter decided he wanted a little attention late yesterday morning. After consuming two cups of coffee and an energy drink, the normally low key Jeter leaned over to childhood buddy, Leon Bynon and said “watch this!”

That’s when the Bronx Bombers’ shortstop ran onto the infield at Field 8 in Central Park disrupting a softball game between Jimmy’s Hero Shop and Pranavanada Indian Grocery. He was immediately wrestled to the ground by members of both teams then quickly escorted from the premises by three New York police officers.

“In most cases when a celebrity does something like this its usually harmless.” said Pranavanada Indian Grocery pitcher, Raj Chaterjee. “But there’s always a chance something very sinister may be afoot. We weren’t taking any chances.”

Jeter was processed and released shortly after 2:00PM and led off for the Yankees Monday night going 0-4 in a 6-3 victory over the Toronto Blue Jays.

Cable access channel 789 quickly cut away from the incident as to not inspire copycat incidents by other celebrities.

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