Country Club Champ Comfortable Enough with Own Sexuality to Hit from Ladies’ Tee

Twilight of His Career. Wally Nafus from the rough.

EXETER, PA (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) Wally Nafus, the long drive king at Fox Hill Country Club in Exeter, Pennsylvania, is a nine time club champ dating back to 1973. He won his last title in 1987, but now at age 62, Nafus is forced to hit from the ladies’ tee.

“I’m three shoulder surgeries, two wrist surgeries and one knee replacement into this little movie they call life,” the barrel-chested 6’4’’ linkster quipped. “When I couldn’t hit the ball over Sissy Ridge (a landmark on the course) and the other guys in my foursome began laughing at me, I thought about giving the game up.”

Nafus didn’t give the game up.

A former marine and well known man’s man, Nafus announced to a packed crowd in the clubhouse he would begin hitting from the ladies’ tee. The room erupted with laughter, but soon died down after it was clear Nafus wasn’t joking. The awkwardness was palpable, the silence was deafening – broken only by the distinct sound of sixteen year old busboy Connor Yankovich dropping a relish tray.

“If Wally’s comfortable enough with his own sexuality to hit from the girly markers, then so am I,” said two time champ Charlie Kretchmer. “I’ve shaved four shots off my score and the tees are in pristine condition. Granted, sometimes I have to wait for Martha Sincavage and her band of grey haired old hens to hit first, but I’m enjoying the overall experience. I can hardly wait to get into the club house nurse an apple-tini and the mini quiche.”

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