Prince Fielder Still Stuck in Voting Booth

Stuck Him In! Slugger not long before entering this voting booth.

DETROIT (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) Just over a week after he and his Detroit Tigers teammates were swept out of the World Series by the San Francisco Giants, rotund slugging first baseman Prince Fielder is still stuck in a voting booth at the 128th precinct.

The plump Fielder entered the voting booth at 8:23 this morning and has yet to emerge. 

“We’ve managed to lower some prune juice and a mild laxative down to him, but so far, no dice.” said polling place worker Lamar Gentile. I expect before election results are announced we will have freed the mighty Prince.”

Some axel grease has been sent for as well as a shoe horn and several banana peels.

No word on who Fielder voted for.

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