NBA-NRA Chess Charity Event Cancelled

MEMPHIS (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) Players from the Memphis Grizzlies and a select group of National Rifle Association members were supposed to have engaged in a series of chess games to raise money for inner city youth. The event was abruptly cancelled when representatives from both sides couldn’t agree on such issues as alloted time between moves, height of chess pieces, and who would sing the national anthem at the venue – Hank Williams Jr. or Rihanna. 

“This might have been ill conceived.” said Larry Murdoch, chairman of Green Leaf, a nature conservancy organization who brings inner city youth to participate in sporting events in the great outdoors. “The suspicion, the cold stares, and the cultural clashes were too much for us to overcome.”

Poor tickets sales also contributed to the cancellation.

The Grizzlies however issued a statement which seems to leave the door open for a possible second try at staging the event.

It read: The Memphis Grizzlies are encouraged by shooting guard Tony Allen’s and 44 year old NRA member Jethro White’s apparent budding friendship. The two discussed their mistrust of the media, and agreed that pepperoni pizza is good.  

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