Budget Conscious Marlins 2015 Promotion: Bring Canned Goods and…Eat Them Yourself

Italian Night. Marlins really making concessions.

MIAMI (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) With a payroll looking like the budget of an independent movie, the Miami Marlins will field a team of mostly young, inexperienced  players going into the 2015 season. After 2012’s failed high priced experiment to usher in a new era with a new team name and brand new ballpark, team ownership took a financial about face in 2013 and 2014, and that’s going to continue. With opening day just a week away, the team isn’t wasting time in getting ready for the upcoming season. 

“The naysayer might look at some of our promotional ideas as a reflection of our serious and deep cuts.” said team president, David Samson. “But this new ‘living hand to mouth’ environment we’re in gives us interesting opportunities. I’m particularly excited about the Canned Food Drive we’ll be holding for every home game this season.  Bring one canned food item, like baked beans, yams, or SpaghettiO’s®, and you get to eat it yourself. We’ll provide the can openers and plastic forks. This saves on having to operate food stands throughout the ballpark. Now, we don’t allow bottled beverages, but, if fans get thirsty, there are fountains strategically located near certain sections.”

The Marlins also plan on some thrilling “in-game” promotions like “Hunger Strike,” “Euthanize Your Pet Night,” and “Coral Snake Races.”


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