Super Bowl: Tom Brady Engineers Spectacular 4th Quarter Cheese Dip

You Dip, I Dip, We Dip. Brady was “manning” the dip.

SANTA CLARA, CA (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) The theme was Old VS New. With the help of the sensational defense, the Denver Broncos defeated the upstart Carolina Panthers 24-10, setting up a retirement for the ages for Peyton Manning. Meanwhile, back in the Boston area, New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady took in the game with family and friends. With the game still on the line at the beginning of the fourth quarter, be it nail biter or blowout — whether there’s a palpable malaise or edge of seat frenzy — Brady was prepared to spring into action.

“I fired up a brimming bowl of piping hot cheese dip and fresh corn chips to ignite the viewers into a demented disorder of dipping delight.” Brady chimed.

“Trust me when I tell ya, that was some serious motherfuckin‘ cheese dip!” said tight end Rob Gronkowski. “TB has got it goin‘ on with that glorious melted pastiche of Wisconsin cheddar, Époisses de Bourgogne, and Caprino della Valbrevenna with a hint of Bolivian chilies.”

Brady could barely contain his excitement.

“The stage was set for a post game dinner when I rolled out my Chicken Florentine in a Weingut Fritz Windisch Alsheimer Romerberg Scheurebe Eiswein reduction with shallots and truffles.” Brady continued. “As you can see, I can transform my own personal disappointing season into a cholesterol laden chow fest as guacamole drenched high fives, beer soaked jerseys and puke stained carpet rules the day.”

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