From the Archives: Down on Luck Lenny Dykstra Sells Dentures on eBay


Glass Act. Lenny Dykstra’s teeth include this collectible glass container.

UNDISCLOSED LOCATION, CA. (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) How the mighty have fallen. Once a baseball all-star and stock picker to the stars, former outfielder, Lenny Dykstra, now spends his days toiling away in prison. His rap sheet reads like the credits on a blockbuster movie…long.

Now, the man they called “Nails” will take whatever bucks he can as he’s just put his dentures up for bid on eBay. No takers as of yet.

“It’s early.” Dykstra said through his attorney, H. Pemberton Slotkin. “I’m sure some self respecting Mets or Phillies fan will want my choppers. I’ll have to gum my food for a bit, but no big deal, I’ll get others.”

The pawning of Dykstra’s dentures comes on the heels of former Houston Astros outfielder, Cesar Cedeno unloading his gallstones for a cool $1,200, and long retired Oakland A’s pitcher Vida Blue fetching a nifty 4K for some unsightly skin tags.

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