Pablo Sandoval Will Be Escorted From Ballpark Next Time He Falls Into Stands


Something Foul Afoot. Pablo Sandoval balls deep into the stands at Wrigley.

SAN FRANCISCO (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) San Francisco Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval says he can’t help himself, it’s just the way he plays. Sandoval has a penchant for going all out for foul balls. In a recent game in Chicago’s Wrigley Field he once again dove into the stands irritating stadium officials.

“Just as fans will quickly be escorted from the park if they fall onto the field in an attempted to snag a foul, the opposite must also be enforced. Enough is enough.” said Wrigley Field Director of Security, Horace X. Cromwell. 

Major League Baseball officials agreed, warning Sandoval directly.

“Kung Fu Panda, you’d better watch your sweet ass. We’re eyeballing you buddy boy.” Lester Winthrop, a representative from MLB chimed. “And that goes for all players. Fans pay hard earned money  to enjoy the sanctity of the stands, not to have sweaty millionaires drop from the sky and remind them how bad they really have it.”

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