Astronomers Hope to Catch Brief Glimpse of A-Rod’s Fading Career

observatory telescope

Space Ball. A-Rod’s career is somewhere out there – we think.

MOUNT PALOMAR, CA (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) In a controversial career with plenty of highs and lows, New York Yankees infielder, Alex Rodriguez continues to recover from hip surgery and figure out next steps. With his playing days basically on life support, A-Rod is merely a blip on the radar screen.

Now, astronomers at Mount Palomar Observatory in California will experiment with a special lens which they’ll attach to the institute’s massive telescope in the hopes they’ll spot a fading patch of light or gaseous trail that was once part of a streaking bright light. 

“It’s (the Rodriguez career) an 11 magnitude at best.” said Dr. Kristof Von Scheissen, a leading member of the team saddled with this project. “We may see nothing at all; Perhaps only residual evidence that might suggest there was something once there. It’s a hell of a telescope, but somethings are just too tough to see.”

Rodriguez has asked to be notified should the astronomers locate anything.

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