NFL UPDATE: North Jersey Family Prepares Not to See Dad Till February


NF-Hell. Larry Tripp’s disappearing act, coming soon, and through February.

NETCONG, NJ (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) Maureen Tripp and her three children, Mark, 13, Leon, 11, and Audra, 8, are preparing not to see husband and father, Larry Tripp, 44, till after the Super Bowl in early February, 2017.

The foreman at Lombardi Manufacturing in nearby Budd Lake, is expected to disappear without a trace beginning in Week One of the NFL season. Tripp, a lifelong New York Jets fan, will shuttle between work, his Man Cave (off limits to his immediate family members), his friend Tony Sacco’s house, and three or four undisclosed bars in the North Jersey area.

“I expect to miss a significant portion of my children growing up,” said Tripp. “But I’ll be updated via texts of basic goings on from time to time. Football takes precedence over everything.”

This will mark the eighth consecutive year Tripp has gone underground. Audra Tripp has never seen her father during Thanksgiving or Christmas, but seems to be taking everything in stride.

“I’m used to it,” the Morris Elementary School 3rd grader chimed. “I suppose I’ll work it out in therapy along with the inevitable teenage pregnancy, and whatever else this hellish abyss they call life has in store for me. Let’s Go Jets!”



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