FOX Debuts Digital Yellow Line at Cowboys Games to Indicate Where Total Douches Play


Is It Malice in Dallas? Most say “no.”

DALLAS (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) As controversy swirled around the Dallas Cowboys’ 24-20 victory over the Detroit Lions on Sunday, FOX Sports was up to a little shenanigans of their own. Science and sports have become one in this age of digital technology, and yesterday the network unveiled their new DigiDouche Line, similar to the virtual yellow first down line on the field, which has become quite popular with fans.

“I suppose it could be beneficial to the casual fan looking to bone up on his or her disdain of the Cowboys and their faithful, but I don’t need it,” said Jimmy Zamboni of South Philadelphia, a lifelong Eagles fan. “I know where exactly where the douches are, which is pretty much everywhere a Cowboy lurks. But I digress, anything to alert the rest of the NFL fan base that the Cowboys’ are not in actuality, America’s Team, but instead, a perfectly machined, ISO9001-certified, too-big-to-fail, titanium-forged, steer herding, tobacco dripping, pseudo-sacrosanct monolith, with all the tenderness and warmth of a rainforest denuding, TAKRAF RB293 Land Raper. So, I applaud FOX Sports for taking a step in the right direction.”

FOX says it has no plans to use the DigiDouche Line in any other stadium at this time.

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