A TSD Classique: Man Stunned When Wife Plops Right Down Next to Him to Watch Entire Ballgame


Sofa So Good? Not really.

POTOMAC, MD (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) Larry Frushon likes to unwind after a long day’s work with a beer, some pretzels, and baseball — specifically the Washington Nationals. He considers it his three-hour nightly escape from the rigors of the world, and a sanctuary from all responsibility.  That sanctuary was compromised on Wednesday evening when Frushon’s wife, Carolyn sat down next to him seconds before first pitch. Initially, Frushon got a kick out of it, thinking it was just a cute and short-lived gesture of support. However, by the fourth inning, as Carolyn was hanging on every pitch, and began asking questions, Frushon grew uneasy.

“She was speaking over critical analysis,” he said. “I had to keep rewinding to see what I missed. Then she started talking about the call she’d had earlier with her mother, just as Denard Span was in the middle of an eleven pitch at bat. I tried to be cool about it, but she wouldn’t stop talking.”

By the seventh inning with the Nationals down 7-0 to the Toronto Blue Jays, and a comeback next to impossible, Frushon switched over to the Phillies-Reds game. “I was thinking by pulling the sudden switcheroo it would stymie her a bit, and perhaps maybe she’d quietly skulk off and call her sister in Pittsburgh,” Frushon added. “No dice. She watched that fuckin’ game too. She commented on the lack of fannies in the seats and how the director kept focusing on two pretty twenty-somethings in section 109, and ultimately how sexist the broadcasts are. But she still kept watching anyway.”

Frushon is considering moving off the sofa and joining his friends at O’Brien’s Dugout Sports Bar for the next game.


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