Local Guy Returns to Work Just Five Days After Muhammad Ali’s Passing


Tire Cryer. Liscovich comes to grips.

SCRANTON, PA (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) Chuck Liscovich, 54, has screwed up the courage to return to his job at Yanko’s Tire Service on Scranton’s South Side. The veteran Assistant Manager adored former World Heavyweight Champion, Muhammad Ali, most of his life, after meeting the boxer at his training camp in Deer Lake, Pennsylvania in the Pocono Mountains in 1973.

“This one hit me to the core,” the chain smoking Liscovich said from the dank supply room at his workplace, staring off into the middle distance, perhaps contemplating the innocent days when hope still had meaning. “When you’re a white kid from a coal mining region, it might seem unusual to relate to a world class, African-American athlete who converted to Islam in the mid 1960s, gave up three years of his career in his prime, and dazzled the world with his lightning fast repartee and witty poems. Personally, I can’t explain it myself, but I do relate. And I’m trying to get a handle on my devastation, because in many ways, it makes just zero fucking sense. I mean, zero.”

Sports psychologist, Scott Gardner has been counseling Liscovich since the laborer first learned of Ali’s passing, offering, “This is a swift kick right to mid section, at the corner where nostalgia and hope collide. And though he has virtually nothing in common with Ali, Chuck feels as though a part of his childhood has been torn from his body. Now he’s faced with going to work in a world where someone, who most likely forgot about him the very second they parted ways, is no longer in that world. It’s pathetic really. Sometimes I wonder why I even try and help these people. My father wanted me to be an accountant like he was, but somehow psychology seemed more rewarding. But now I can see we’re all living in a bottomless abyss, playing out the string in a cruel and cold world. That said, I’m glad Chuck got his shit together and got his sorry ass back to work.”

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