Thunder Refuses To Play Inevitable 82-0 Warriors During 2016-17 NBA Season


We Are Warriors. Durant in the bay.

OKLAHOMA CITY (Sportsman’s Daily Wire Service) After losing Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors in free agency, the Oklahoma City Thunder say they’ll forfeit their games to Golden State Warriors during the upcoming season, and stay home. “Why travel halfway across the country to get blown out by 50 points?” said a despondent Russell Westbrook, Thunder guard and former Durant teammate. “They’re gonna win 82 games folks. 82-0. Mark my words. They won 73-9 without KD. I played with the dude, forget it man. Playing them is pointless. And I’ll tell you something, we won’t be the only team who refuses to play them.”

The Brooklyn Nets have placed several unreturned phone calls to the Warriors front office, asking them to start their bench against them. “Be afraid. Be very afraid,” said Nets guard, Isaiah Whitehead. “Most guys I know will collapse into a fetal position when the Warriors are on the other side of the court. The whole prospect is just terrifying.”

No word if NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver will simply award the NBA Championship trophy to the Warriors before the season begins.


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